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Consultations by appointment only. You need to phone or email to arrange a time.

A typical session takes 60 minutes. However be prepared to take some 10 minutes rest (or more) before you drive of with your car or hop on the bus or ferry. Investment: Au$ 150


You need to phone or email to arrange a time. Please consider the local time in Sydney when you call for an appointment. You can call Phil on the land line or on Skype at the agreed time. A telephone consultation works in the same way as a regular face to face session. Distance does not interfere with the treatment. You can be on the other side of the planet. The only disadvantage is that the practitioner is not physically there to support the client during a strong emotional release. The client can easily do it by themselves but it adds to the comfort when there is somebody right there for you when the pain from the past is being triggered and released. Consultations by appointment only.

Payment method: For Australian clients -> Banktransfer (You will get the bank details after the session) For clients other than from Australia or Europe -> PayPal. Just click on the button below to pay for the session. Investment: Au$ 150 for 60 minutes.


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Astral Medicine with Phil (by Christine Stoddart 14/11/2008)

There were areas of my life and relationships that I knew weren’t working the way I would like. In fact they’d become completely intolerable. I figured that it couldn’t be everyone else’s fault because these were patterns that kept repeating, and I knew that the responsibility lay with me for what I attract.

I’d heard of Phil’s work through a friend who had highly recommended him…

The session was relaxed and casual and not at all like ’work’.
With Phil’s expertise he allowed me to feel safe to look back, and helped me to identify where these subconscious beliefs systems had originated. His ability to read energy amazed me as, layer upon layer, we were able to explore and untangle old patterns.

Using his muscle testing technique, Phil cleared these and established new balanced ways of being, my part was having clear intent to do so.

The first change that became apparent was in the way that people respond to me, and it was immediate. Several close relationships have transformed, and the anxiety I’d learned to live with has disappeared.

Phil’s compassion, integrity and insight make him an incredibly effective facilitator/healer.
This was the most unique and effective healing work I’ve ever experienced.
Change can be easy - thanks Phil!


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